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Who We Are

We work together with our clients to identify the best way we can help them through their sustainability journey.

Our Vision

To unlock the potential of organisations across Africa to deliver long-term positive outcomes for nature, climate and people while making profits and exceeding strategic goals.

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Our Mission

We offer consultancy services to organisations, proposing new ways to respond to the challenges of a changing planet, while providing training on how to enhance sustainable development impact at organizational level.

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Our Goal

Our aim is to help organisations across Africa improve their sustainable impact by implementing the best sustainability integration strategies in their operational and business models.

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We deliver enterprise-level, executive-level, and Individual coaching, and mentorship on sustainability integration and leadership

Who We Are:-

We provide independent sustainability consultancy and training to businesses, government entities, and not-for-profit organisations. Our approach seeks to deliver practical results based on expertise and experience. To date we have helped our business clients measure, manage and communicate the sustainability impacts of their operations and supply chains. For government and NGOs, we conduct studies to inform evidence-based policy-making, run multi-stakeholder coalitions and develop strategies to drive sustainable production, consumption, and the transition to a green economy across Africa.

As an organization keen on advancing sustainable development across the African continent, our solutions substantially emphasize the alignment with the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals and Africa’s Agenda 2063. We work with Corporates, DFIs, Commercial Banks, Foundations, Governments, Civil Societies, Small and Medium-Size enterprises, Local and international NGOs, and Multilateral/bilateral agencies, across diverse thematic areas.

Why Work with Us?

Plurality & internationality

Our trainers & consultants come from diverse levels of studies, from bachelor to master, and academic focus such as management, sustainability, consulting, entrepreneurship, innovation, marketing, and finance We bring together over 70 years of cumulative experience in impact and sustainability training across different countries in Africa and Asia

Expertise you can trust

Our trainers & consultants come from the best Africa can offer and are equipped with contemporary technical, training and presentation skills to deliver impactful sessions for your teams

Commitment to sustainability

Gaining knowledge and understanding is the first step of any sustainability journey! So, the fact that you are here, we congratulate you. We work with all those committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges in the African continent and beyond. We are eager to forge partnerships with those seeking to create a genuine and positive change