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Sabina Mwashegwa

She is a Sustainability Communications and Reporting. We work together with our clients to identify the best way we can help them through their sustainability journey.

Sabina is a communications professional with over 9 years’ experience in the industry; working with both small local and mid-sized companies, and multinational clients from IT, money transfer, transport, NGO and real estate sectors. She is proficient in developing communications strategies (and implementation of projects with zero or minimal amendments, and 90%-100% success rate in line with agreed indicators)., event and conference management, media relations, research support, content development, stakeholder engagement, website and social media management and engagement and Corporate Social Responsibility management.

She is passionate about taking the deep dive tackling systemic poverty and utilizing the power of cross sector collaboration. She’s building a case for organizations and individuals to partner with communities to bring about sustainable solutions to prevalent challenges. She is a data enthusiast with a keen interest in employing data to authentically and creatively communicate organizations' environmental, social and governance matters.

She enjoys the outdoors and is a food enthusiast.