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Our Team

The individuals who work for Sustainability Africa are:
- Well versed in the philosophy, practices, and tools for sustainable development.
- Experienced in change management, identifying & mitigating sustainability risks
- Known to have demonstrated a track record for increasing business value, operational efficiency, and scaling impact.

Why Work With Us?

  • Expertise You Can Trust

    Our experienced trainers and consultants come highly equipped with knowledge and technical skills in the areas of Environmental Social Governance (ESG), Climate Finance, Climate Change, Sustainability Reporting, Sustainable Business Model Strategy, Sustainability Integration, Gender, Circular Economy, Sustainability Strategy, Social Impact , Environmental Management, Corporate Governance, Entrepreneurship and Innovation

  • Commitment To Sustainability

    Gaining knowledge and understanding is the first step of any sustainability journey! So, the fact that you are here, we congratulate you. We work with all those committed to addressing the social and environmental challenges in the African continent and beyond. We are eager to forge partnerships with those seeking to create a genuine and positive change