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Who We Are

At Sustainability Africa, our purpose goes beyond profits; it’s deeply rooted in a commitment to sustainable development and responsible business practices.

As an organization keen on advancing sustainable development across the African continent, our solutions substantially emphasize the alignment with the 2030 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and Africa’s Agenda 2030. Our approach seeks to deliver practical results based on sustainability data, expertise and experience.

Sustainability Africa is a women owned ESG and impact Investment advisory and sustainability training firm established in 2015 and based out of Kenya. We believe in the transformative power of investments that not only generate financial returns but also leave a lasting, positive impact on communities and the environment.

Our Vision

To drive impact investments that generate financial returns and contribute significantly to the well – being of communities and the preservation of Africa’s rich ecosystems

Our Mission

Foster innovation in financial instruments and products that align with ESG principles and develop practical skills to design local solutions for sustainability challenges

Our Pillars

Environmental Protection
Social Equity
Economic Accountability


The individuals who work for Sustainability Africa are:

Well versed in the philosophy, practices, and tools for sustainable development. Experienced in change management, identifying & mitigating sustainability risks Known to have demonstrated a track record for increasing business value, operational efficiency, and scaling impact.

Join us in shaping a sustainable Future for Africa
Whether you are an investor, partner, or community member, we invite you to join us on this journey toward a more sustainable and inclusive Africa. Together we can make a difference!

Be Part of the olution!

Years of Expertise

With the growing demand for sustainability accountability , our capacity enhancement projects position our clients & partners to gain sustainable competitive advantage in their industries

Key Industries